Thursday, July 12, 2007

Long time no blog.

Wow...a month and five days since updating. That's a new record.

I've got lots of stuff cooking so I think I'll pop in and use this as an updater/info dump for a while.

5 Weeks ago my grandmother passed away unexpectedly. It was kind of a shocker and had me down for a while. I even wrote a column under the influence of mourning:

After that depress fest I promised sexy werewolves in the next column. So amongst our home being flooded and my family moving away for a month I really should have had the time and thought to post this back then but here's the banner to the column on sexy werewolves:

I was brilliant for a second and decided to follow it up with more columns on sexual readings of iconic horror characters called sexy beasts. Behold! The columns on the vampire and Frankenstein's monster:

Now that that was over, I did not want to go over the sexual implications of Godzilla or zombies so I realized I hadn't yet covered the influence of Japanese cinema on American horror. This week's article is about the films that transferred without being remade:

All sorts of crazy stuff going on including possibly being on a panel on horror and sci fi at the Victoria Anarchist Book Fair in September, going to Chicago in August and launching my own podcast soon after. I've contributed to the podcast for a while now but will soon be branching off on my own with the lovely gift of server space at

That's all for today I think. More soon, I really promise this time...

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