Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yeah, yeah...I should have posted this Monday but I was away...

So now you get it whilst I procrastinate over this Monday's column!

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2 Bitching, Moaning and Praise

Blogger Triefy said...

I loved the article. I disagree with you on Halloween 4 though. I thought the film had a great idea, but faultered to try to fit into the "slasher on the loose" stereotype that Mr. Myers has had trouble with due to Jason & Freddy. I don't think that 4 should be dismissed.

Keep them coming!

4:21 pm  
Blogger Des said...

Thanks Triefy!

I hear where you're coming from and maybe I'm a little jaded and over-critical but I like the tidy little trilogy aspect of it all.

You keep reading and I'll keep writing, how about that? There, now it's your responsibility to keep me going on this...

Good to hear from you. Don't be shy about comments in the future here on on the Earth-2 messageboard.


4:48 pm  

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