Thursday, December 01, 2005

Good God!

What a day I'm having! It's only 10 am and I have already experienced so many damn highs and lows that I may need a nap.

This morning I went to make some coffee and the fricking coffee machine breaks! It breaks! Just like that! It made wonderful, dark rich fine blend coffee yesterday morning but this morning-when I'm not working and could actually sit around and have a couple of cups-it farted out.

I am on my second store bought cup. Not the same.

That was a low. This next one is a high:

I may or may not have mentioned that one of my nemesises...nemissississes...nemeses is the local Wal-Mart greeter. I haven't had cause to bitch lately because I haven't actually gone there in a while. When we first moved here, and were still setting stuff up, I had to go there like 4 times a week. This was not conducive due to my hatred of retail giants* and every time I walked through that door he'd poke out from between the shelves and shout in a booming, gritty voice: "Welcome to Wal-Mart!!"

I made it my personal mission to evade him and his putting-stickers-on-the-bag-I'm-returning-when-the-returns-counter-is-only-six-feet-from-the-door ways. He is spry and deceptively quick for a limping, overweight octogenarian. I was never able to escape his soul-crushing salutation...until this morning!!!!

I was returning XMas decorations for Meg and walked through the front doors ready to sprint when I was greeted by an automatic Santa (only slightly less unnerving). I made it to the desk and was so happy I couldn't even answer the woman when she asked me if there was anything wrong with the stuff.

I turned around and smiled smugly as I passed the old man greeting the next zombie through the door.

*I'm not averse to big stores because they put the little guy out of business or anything like that. It's more because it is a zombie-fest of folks walking around not sure where to find everything, me included. It's just too damn confusing for me to be in a place that sells garden fertilizer, clothing and baby formula all under one roof!

Meg and I are disappearing back to the mainland for the weekend so blogging will be sparse.

Excuse me while I finish my coffee. I may even eat the cardboard cup.

I bid you adieu!

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Blogger Megan said...

Sorry darling about your lows, and am very proud of the highs for today.
Love you lots!

4:20 pm  
Blogger Des said...

Ah...a woman proud of me for beating the Wal Mart greeter. There is no sweeter love.

9:01 pm  

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