Thursday, September 29, 2005


Watched the Degree Poker Chamionship on TSN today and was delighted to find that Liam Greig was the winner. Liam and I went to the same high school and worked together at a restaurant for many years. Now, not only is he the best damn guitar player I know, he also is $105,000 richer.

Not only is he very rich but he gets to compete in the World Poker Championship in the States...not bad for a guy who hadn't played poker 10 months ago.

Hey Liam, remember that time I leant you $105,000? That was nice of me huh?

Back to reality:

A teacher at the high school Meg and I went to has been arrested on child pornography charges. I have yet to discover who it is, and if I know him, but I have my sneaking suspicions.

Some stuff people have found my blog by searhcing for over the past few weeks:

-holy pain in the ass batman- The way Miller has Bats acting lately I see Robin saying this soon.
-A mural on "A Modest Proposal"-a mural on people eating this a Clive Barker story?
-how to grow hair on your chest-you have come to the right place, my son.
-old man fucking young man-Ewww...
-werewolf balls-a new addition to my unused band name list no doubt!
-werewolf facial hair-yep...right place.
-"perverted things"-who actually searches for perverted things on the internet? I just did and this is the first listing google offers. Very odd, another blogger looking at search engine stuff...
-free pictures of men without shirts on-yep...right place. I mean wrong! Wrong place!
-Vicki Vale underwear Batman-Frank Miller and Jim Lee are playing to a certain audience...I take back everythign I've said.
-"Have you ever made a planet, or nation, radioactive?"-this is my personal favourite.

And lots more for Unused Band Names so without further ado...

More Unused Band Names

As per usual this is a growing list, the new ones will be in italics and all are free-for-the-taking as long as I'm told and possibly get an mp3:

1) Bastard Sockhop
2) Sack of Ferrets
3) Openly Straight
4) The Mung Beatles
5) Detritus
6) Terrible Beauty
7) Schnauzer Snake
8) Sirius
9) Orion's Belt
10) Miss Take
11) The Stephen Hawking Project
12) Thunderpope
13) Horny Cheese Grater
14) Anarchist Breakfast
15) Dirty Bastard
16) Painstake
17) The Suffering Fools
18) Superfluous Mandingo
19) Steaming
20) The Lager Tops
21) The Crackspackles
22) Thirteen Stone
23) The Ultimate Pen
24) Homolka Sunbeam
25) Technocult
26) Narcissistic Fibrosis
27) Sins Against Fashion
28) The Irish Roves
29) Gulls on Submarine
30) Between Jobs
31) Above and Bleeding
32) Movies in Arabic
33) With Cheese or Without?
34) Werewolf Balls
35) The Way R2D2 Talks
36) Electric Sheep

I'm doing this, and may do more for the next few days as October will be dedicated to horror movies...

As you were.

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