Monday, August 29, 2005

"It'll put hair on your chest."

Never have the words been more true...

Dav came over last night and we celebrated, you know, being alive and stuff. This celebration involved an entire bottle of Crown Royal Special Reserve. Mmmmmm....

We watched Sin City (both for the second time) with my Dad who told me today it was the "best movie [he had] seen in years." Whoa...Dad is very hip. Mom lasted about 11 minutes into the film (I think it was Hartigan shooting Young Rourke in the balls that sent her packing) before going to bed to read.

Saw the pencils for our project called the Whisperer. Available around Christmas time from the Vicious Circle Project. You will be told when to buy it, don't worry.

About the hair on the chest thing:

You scored as WereWolf. WereWolf: Craving rare Meat, feeling caged, aggitated by being around people. Unable to control one's anger or temper. The person will give off symptoms of the shift. They will seem more hostile, blood thirsty, aggitated. They may even growl, bare their teeth or other animal like tendencies. In rare cases, some will physically change. Facial hair will grow thicker or darker, nails will become longer, canine's will seem longer. Embrace your wild side, for you are The Misunderstood WereWolf.













What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
created with

Single White Werewolf looking for uncannily sexy Mermaid.

Friday, August 26, 2005

One from our nation's capital!

Hello from Ottawa. Not much to report besides walking around in the heat and an overpriced Guinness at the Chateau Laurier Hotel.

Four Brothers was awesome last night! I do so loves me a revenge drama. Dead Man's Shoes is one of my faves but FourBrothers is DVD worthy.

Tom the Dog alertted me to this music meme...
A. Go to
B. Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function.
C. Bold for the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline your favorite. Do nothing to the ones you don't remember (or don't care about).

I can't score out words (because I'm inadequate) so I'll italicize the ones I hate:

1. Too Close, Next
2. The Boy Is Mine, Brandy and Monica
3. You're Still The One, Shania Twain
4. Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden
5. How Do I Live, LeAnn Rimes
6. Together Again, Janet
7. All My Life, K-Ci and JoJo
8. Candle In The Wind 1997, Elton John
9. Nice and Slow, Usher
10. I Don't Want To Wait, Paula Cole
11. How's It Going To Be, Third Eye Blind
12. No, No, No, Destiny's Child
13. My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion
14. Gettin' Jiggy Wit, Will Smith
15. You Make Me Wanna..., Usher
16. My Way, Usher
17. My All, Mariah Carey
18. The First Night, Monica
19. Been Around The World, Puff Daddy and The Family
20. Adia, Sarah McLachlan
21. Crush, Jennifer Paige
22. Everybody (Backstreet's Back), Backstreet Boys
23. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Aerosmith
24. Body Bumpin Yippie-Yi-Yo, Public Announcement
25. This Kiss, Faith Hill
26. I Don't Ever Want To See You Again, Uncle Sam
27. Let's Ride, Montell Jordan
28. Sex And Candy, Marcy Playground
29. Show Me Love, Robyn
30. A Song For Mama, Boyz II Men
31. What You Want, Mase
32. Frozen, Madonna
33. Gone Till November, Wyclef Jean
34. My Body, Lsg
35. Tubthumping, Chumbawamba
36. Deja Vu (Uptown Baby), Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
37. I Want You Back, 'N Sync
38. When The Lights Go Out, Five
39. They Don't Know, Jon B.
40. Make Em' Say Uhh!, Master P
41. Make It Hot, Nicole Featuring Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott and Mocha
42. Never Eve, All Saints
43. I Get Lonely, Janet
44. Feel So Good, Mase
45. Say It, Voices Of Theory
46. Kiss The Rain, Billie Myers
47. Come With Me, Puff Daddy
48. Romeo And Juliet, Sylk-E Fyne
49. It's All About Me, Mya and Sisqo
50. I Will Come To You, Hanson
51. One Week, Barenaked Ladies
52. Swing My Way, K.P. and Envyi
53. The Arms Of The One Who Loves You, Xscape
54. My Love Is The Shhh!, Somethin' For The People
55. Daydreamin', Tatyana Ali
56. We're Not Making Love No More, Dru Hill
57. Semi-Charmed Life, Third Eye Blind
58. I Do, Lisa Loeb
59. Lookin' At Me, Mase
60. Looking Through Your Eyes, LeAnn Rimes
61. Lately, Divine
62. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), Backstreet Boys
63. I Still Love You, Next
64. Time After Time, Inoj
65. Are You Jimmy Ray?, Jimmy Ray
66. Cruel Summer, Ace Of Base
67. I Got The Hook Up!, Master P
68. Victory, Puff Daddy and The Family
69. Too Much, Spice Girls
70. Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are), Pras Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard and Mya
71. How Deep Is Your Love, Dru Hill Featuring Redman
72. Friend Of Mine, Kelly Price
73. Turn It Up [Remix] / Fire It Up, Busta Rhymes
74. I'll Be, Edwin McCain
75. Ray Of Light, Madonna
76. All For You, Sister Hazel
77. Touch It, Monifah
78. Money, Power and Respect, Lox
79. Bitter Sweet Symphony, The Verve
80. Dangerous, Busta Rhymes
81. Spice Up Your Life, Spice Girls
82. Because Of You, 98 Degrees
83. The Mummers' Dance, Loreena McKennitt
84. All Cried Out, Allure Featuring 112
85. Still Not A Player, Big Punisher Featuring Joe
86. The One I Gave My Heart To, Aaliyah
87. Foolish Games / You Were Meant For Me, Jewel
88. Love You Down, Inoj
89. Do For Love, 2Pac
90. Raise The Roof, Luke
91. Heaven, Nu Flavor
92. The Party Continues, Jd
93. Sock It 2 Me, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott Featuring Da Brat
94. Butta Love, Next
95. A Rose Is Still A Rose, Aretha Franklin
96. 4 Seasons Of Loneliness, Boyz II Men
97. Father, LL Cool J
98. Thinkin' Bout It, Gerald Levert
99. Nobody's Supposed To Be Here, Deborah Cox
100. Westside, TQ

To be honest: I don't remember most of this crap but that's still a lot of hate. Granted, most of the ones I like I probably hated in high school. Gone 'til Novemeber is my favourite because it's one of "our songs" for Megan and I. Sex and Candy is a close second because that song kicks all sorts of ass.

Make 'em say Uhhhhhhh!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Expressing my Anguish through the Majesty of Song...

Yeah yeah yeah...I know that everyone in the free world who wanted to see Anchorman already has but I saw it last night.

It was pretty sweet. Post title is by far my favourite quote and Ben Stiller's "Como esta, beetches!" comes a close second.

Watched Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning on the Scream network last night and I've got to say that opening with Corey Feldman is the entire series' most effective. It's just too bad about the rest of the movie. It was better when I was 9.

Mom and Dad gave me Brian Wilson's Smile record (thanks Mom and Dad!) because this album sounds more like Mr. Bungle's California album than it does the Beach Boys Endless Summer. Well, that's my comparison not my Mom's. Do yourself a favour and give Retrovertigo a listen on the Bungle site. If that song doesn't make your jaw fall more than three inches away from your upper lip then we can't be friends.

Going to see Four Brothers tonight. Wanted to see it for a while. Not exactly a Megan movie.

Off to Ottawa for the weekend but you'll hear from me on Sunday methinks.

Miss you, Meg!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More sad perverted things people try to find and end up being disappointed when they find my blog...

Here it is. More search keywords that bring people to my site:

-"wifey movies"-not my wife you sick son of a bitch!
-buttsareus-I don't even know how to react to this.
-rebbecca loos-If you know who she is then you are either British or too much of a football fan for me to be friends with. I think they spelt Rebecca wrong too...did I? Archive check!
-"pictures of men without shirts"-Hats! Men Without Hats! When will they ever get it right?
-john leguizombie-I totally thought I invented the clever name for the actor to go by after his role in Land of the Dead. At least I came up with it before this guy.
-pics of dead stuff-Don't know whether to laugh or wipe the hard drive....
-the way R2D2 talks-Ding Ding Ding!!!!The official winner of the title of my next album.

Leave for the centre of the world (Georgetown, Ontario not Toronto) tomorrow morning where hijinx will ensue such as drinking with my parents and drinking with Davinder.

Also: they have Scream. Canada's only all horror television channel. Last time I visited I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Hunter, Rawhead Rex and Bad Taste all in one sitting.

Monday, August 22, 2005

An Answer

Kiki asked a question the other day about meeting people online and one of them was about friends (as opposed to the romantic kind of folks you meet online)* and I thought that I'd mention her as being the first friend I ever really met online. Although I'm not sure if it counts having taken the same class and had the occasional chit-chat (first time I've ever typed "chit-chat") at university. That was probably more niceties than actual probing intellectual conversations and stuff. Therefore I won't count it.

So: yes, I have made friends with somebody online. And she's very nice in person.**

*I refuse to refer to them as "platonic." From what I understand: Plato was a bit of a dick and very awkward in mixed company. His ex-girlfriend told me.

**Unlike Davinder who is delightfully evil in person. "In what way?" you ask? should hear what he says about you behind your back...............

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A short one...

This is a short one because I'm up early, hung over, haven't had any coffee yet and am going to a wedding for somebody I don't know.

The following is a payment for anyone who can suggest a means to fixing this "links at the bottom of the page" thing I'm stuck in.

For all you damn freeloaders...well check this out anyway.
You need to see this right now!

That is all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Comics and the Pahhhty

I picked up some books from the library the other day. And by books I mean graphic novels (you're not very hip if you don't know what I'm talking about; you might only be pelvis):

-Superman: Panic in the Sky: Another early nineties big thing when DC was churning out big things every three months. This big thing introduced Maxima to the regular role of the JLA and into the hearts and minds of all DC readers. My, when I try and think of the DC universe pre-Maxima days I shake my head and wonder if they ever knew the effect she would have. Note: sarcasm.

-Camelot 3000: First thing I've ever read by Mike Barr and Brian Bolland that has nothing to do with Batman. It's good but I'm only 1/12th into it. I've always wanted to read it.

-Avengers: World Trust: Geoff Johns on the Avengers. Heard many good things so I'll check it out.

I also finally got my copy of Animal Man: Deus Ex Machina (the last of Morrison's run) but due to my impending move I'm contractually obligated to finish the library books first. I love me some Morrison Animal Man!

Today is the day of the party. It's not really a party; it's a get-together. You can't come, however, unless you pronounce party like Lady Redgrave (can't remember her first name and am assuming that she received the honour from the Queen) in the film version of Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. *

"Are you coming to my pahhhhh-ty?"

You hear that Kiki? You must say that!

*Upon further inspection her name is Vanessa Redgrave. I couldn't remember it. There are like four thousand six hundred and twenty-three of them and all of them are overrated. There! I said it!

Oh yeah...1997? It looks like it was made in the early eighties. I know Brit films aren't as polished as their North American counterparts but geez!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Most. Inconclusive. Day. Ever.

Today was dominated by two things: court date and ultrasound.

The day in court was interesting and long (all stemming from an accident I refuse to talk about anymore today). I was on the stand for an hour and a half and endured a rather pussyish cross examination (the guy has a defense built around the fact that I couldn't have been injured because I was in a band at the time; I just enjoy visiting the chiropractor 87 times in 14 months).

After all was said and done the rest of the day was adjourned because my vacationing family doctor couldn't be there to testify. Damn it!

This accident happened in September 2001! 4 freaking years ago! And I didn't even get to do my "Justice for All" routine (I'm out of order? You're out of order! The whole system's out of order!).

Finally Meg and I went to the ultrasound to see baby to be and discovered that our child was moving around too much to be seen having a penis or somesuch nonsense....ah well...still freakin' cute! We don't know the sex (but the party's still on Kiki).

Go to her blog to see the picture taken in the next couple of days.

I'm tired.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Hey folks! Thought my blog was enjoyable? Try enjoying it all ebonics-ed out at! Thanks to Dave for the link.

Speaking of people with names that start with D-A-V, hey Dav! I get to Ontario on the 23rd ( Tuesday but I'm gone from the Thursday night til the morning of the Sunday) and I'm good to meet on the Wednesday night, Sunday night or following Tuesday night for a piss-up.

You can crash at my parents place in Georgetown if you like. Since we'll be drinking I expect you to. Unless you're just going to watch me drink...could be fun for you.

How's the story going?

Currently listening to:

The Batman Begins Soundtrack by Hanz Zimmer and some guy whose name starts with JA (due to my iPod's small display screen). I'm typing faster than I ever have before with minimal mistakes. Where was this album when I was writing essays?

Thought for the day:

People in bicycle helmets with no bicycles. Why?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yer Damn Frickin' Right, Bub!

You scored as Wolverine. Wolverine is a loner, and a skilled fighter. He's got the hots for Jean Grey but a better fit for him would be Storm. He doesn't like to follow orders which pisses Cyclops off. He has terrible memories from the experimentation done on him at Weapon X. Even though he doesn't show it, he loves the X-Men. Powers: Fast healing and adamantium skeleton and claws.







Jean Grey






Emma Frost










Most Comprehensive X-Men Personality Quiz 2.0
created with

Was there ever any doubt?

Other news:

went to the comic store today and had an encounter with a weirdo Dav and I had at our table at the comic convention last summer.

This time, Dav, he was asking if I've "heard of DC comics", "the time Batman got his back broke" and went into a long tirade about the Shining Knight of all characters! And not the Morrison one.

My God, the comic store is supposed to be "Des time"...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The new thing I say...

Somebody says: "What do you think of ______________?"

I say: "He's alright but I wouldn't want to be stuck in a Russian submarine with him."

This is me being topical...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005 a Keanu-type fashion.

Thanks to Kiki I checked out this cool quiz. I think I'm probably a little bit more of a Cultural Creative but an aversion to all things religious has skewed my results. Skewed 'em I tells ya!

You scored as Postmodernist. Postmodernism is

the belief in complete open interpretation. You see the

universe as a collection of information with varying ways

of putting it together. There is no absolute truth for you;

even the most hardened facts are open to interpretation.

Meaning relies on context and even the language you use

to describe things should be subject to analysis.



Cultural Creative














What is Your World View? (updated)
created with

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"There's space over here: beside the vomit!"

That's not a joke...

Went to the Celebration of Lights last night (which by the way sounds much gayer than Symphony of Fire but I digress) and I quite disliked it.

Of course I don't like fireworks. It's a Megan thing. I don't like large crowds either. What a perfect mixture!

We ended up sitting beside the boathouse on a grassy area across Beach Street after having sand kicked all over me by people walking by (where's Charles Atlas when you need him?). There was one catch: there was vomit beside us. It was quite nonfragrant for most of the time.

Ah well...

Your Hidden Talent
You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.
And while this may not seem big, it can be.
It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.
You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

This redeems me from being a sailor in my past life. And yes, Kiki, I do want to watch a human sacrifice.
But only if it's a virgin; I'm very picky.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Short One

After all my praise for the Hellraiser movies the other day I think I may have ruined it for myself after watching the new one today. Don't get me wrong; Hellraiser: Deader is as good as any other Hellraiser movie made after the second one (indeed it is far better than the third). It's just that I happened to watch the gag reel.

Seeing Doug Bradley fumble his lines and then laugh about it like a little girl really takes away from the whole mystique.

Off to the fireworks!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

News and another unused band name...

Hey, news on the indie short story I am working on for The Vicious Circle Project: it's being drawn by Dav!

Get that lead burnin' mister!

More Unused Band Names

As per usual this is a growing list, the new ones will be in italics and all are free-for-the-taking as long as I'm told and possibly get an mp3:

1) Bastard Sockhop
2) Sack of Ferrets
3) Openly Straight
4) The Mung Beatles
5) Detritus
6) Terrible Beauty
7) Schnauzer Snake
8) Sirius
9) Orion's Belt
10) Miss Take
11) The Stephen Hawking Project
12) Thunderpope
13) Horny Cheese Grater
14) Anarchist Breakfast
15) Dirty Bastard
16) Painstake
17) The Suffering Fools
18) Superfluous Mandingo
19) Steaming
20) The Lager Tops
21) The Crackspackles
22) Thirteen Stone
23) The Ultimate Pen
24) Homolka Sunbeam
25) Technocult
26) Narcissistic Fibrosis
27) Sins Against Fashion
28) The Irish Roves least one of them is decent.

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

This is about right. Kiki is weirder though.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Post #101

and more inane than usual.

Tried drinking Crown Royal with Schweppes Bitter Lemon last night. It was scrum-diddly-umptious! It nearly voided the taste of the alcohol entirely. I enjoy the taste of Crown (especially since being an ocean away from it for a year) and decided to mix it half and half. This was also voided. Weird. It was only my second drink so it was not the taste buds. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to experiment again tonight. ;)


I kind of liked doing that piece about Clive Barker yesterday and have decided to make it a regular thing until I run out of heroes. Sound good?

Now...who's next?