Friday, March 11, 2005

New Comics Day

Okay, a day late but better late than never...

Very slow week anyway:

JSA #71:
This arc is tiring me out. Love the art but the writing is kind of boring. I'm tired of them meeting the former members who have retired/died through time travel. I can't wait til they come back and just have a battle with some supervillains destroying New York or something.

The cover art (by Dave Gibbons) is surprisingly mediocre. It looks like interior art and is hardly up to the quality that I'm used to in Mr. Gibbons' work.

The arc ends next month where Johns can hopefully make some sense of things before moving on.

Crossgen books:
The real find this week was not at Forbidden Planet but a bookstore called The Works that deals exclusively in cancelled prints and overprints. I went in looking for DVDs but came out with Volumes 10-13 of Forge (the anthology series collecting 6 different stories) for £4.50! Oh yeah! Good stuff so far. 196 pages a piece with some quality stuff by Marz and Bedard.

I never hopped onto the Crossgen bandwagon but I'll try and pick up the other copies of Forge and maybe some of Edge next week!


As far as other things go I'm going to see The Mars Volta tonight so more later!

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