Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ME Update

Well, since the last few posts have been silly and irrelevant (but fun) I thought that I would update those who care (hears crickets chirping in the distance) on what's going on with me this week...

ummm....well....I'm going to the comic book store tomorrow.

-Having major problems with one eBay auctioneer that hasn't sent my item to me (I won on January 18th!) and am about to report him to eBay if I don't have a refund by Monday (the 2 month anniversary).

-I've been taking a film class on the evolution of the horror genre at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Thursdays and tomorrow is my second class. Last week was all about German Expressionism in silent films like Nosferatu and Der Golem. This week is all about the Universal Monsters. Can't wait! I'm not talking much about this on the blog as of yet because I'll probably do a post on the entire experience after it's over.

-I've watched Banned in Britain (I think that's the title) over the last two nights on Channel 4. As an outsider I am quite shocked as to how much censorship has played out in the open here in the UK over the past 20 years. And I'm surprised how much I've come to hate Margaret Thatcher since I hardly knew who she was for the longest time. In the nineties she was nothing more to me than a character on a track from a Dead Kennedys album (Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death). I can't remember the name of the song but it's basically Jello Biafra playing Reagan as he bullies a very Marge Simpson-like Thatcher into drafting hooligans.

-I also caught John Cleese's Comedy Heroes (a new series highlighting the comedy heroes of famous comedians). Mr. Cleese's list was basically a who's who of comedy: Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Michael Palin (duh), Sgt. Bilko (can't remember his name), etc. What I was surprised about was his inclusion of Bill Hicks as the only comedian who matters over the past decade or so. I agree wholeheartedly but it was nice seeing someone like Cleese do so as well.

-Besides seeing Throne of Blood over the past few days (see my review a few posts down) I've watched Creep and Amelie. Creep should really have been called Crap. It wasn't that bad but I had higher expectations I guess. I expected maybe something along the lines of 28 Days Later maybe. The problem was that it had a good premise but the acting didn't pull it off. Amelie, on the other hand, was delightful. Beautifully surreal. Glad I watched it. Too bad Audrey Tautou had to go and be in The DaVinci Code (blech!).

-Oh yeah! If you are reading this (again with the crickets!) go to Dav's blog and tell him to post some art. Haha! Tag!

That is all...and now for something completely different:

Hilarious! I'm a student teacher right now and, although we haven't had a lecture covering this, I think that this is probably a bad idea. Thoughts?

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