Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Mars Volta in Glasgow

In a word: chaotic.

The Barrowlands ballroom ("probably the world's best venue" as the sign says) was buzzing from the moment I arrived.

DJ Nobody spun some laid back jazz stuff that had the heads nodding.

When The Mars Volta took the stage the entire place exploded. Honestly, I could probably name 5 songs of their's (only two that they played tonight) but from the moment they took the stage they owned the entire crowd.

Frenetic guitar riffs, drum and bass, and odd keyboard noises filled the air. Some of the best live drums I have ever heard were played tonight. It was far less a concert than a soundtrack for the night. There were maybe 3 breaks between songs and that resulted in absolutely zero crowd/singer banter (absolutely no "hello Glasgow!").

I have both the Tremulant EP and De-Loused in the Comatorium but if the live show is any indication Frances the Mute is a new masterwork. The new single, The Widow, consisted of the first 15 minutes of the set.

The band is currently a seven-piece (guitar, drums, bass, vocalist, keyboard and 2 percussionist/horn section guys). Cedric and Omar are not the only guys in the band (as the magazines would let you believe). Their drummer played - almost consistently - for 2 hours. It was brilliant!

If that wasn't enough, 2 other members of the band besides Cedric and Omar have white-guy afros. Tons of hair onstage but not in a Poison-type way.

It is hard to tell what genre of music was actually played tonight as things shifted between funk, jazz, rock, salsa, metal, drum and bass and house. Hard to tell how many songs were played as well but my count is 7. Anyone who was there that is reading this could correct me. 7 songs in 2 hours! Wow...teaches Tool a lesson.

If there was one thing to complain about it would be the price of a pint: £2.80 for Miller!

I would highly recommend this live show to anyone who enjoys live music, Mars Volta fan or not. There are a few shows left in Europe until they head to North America. Check 'em out!

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