Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Backward Look...

Much simpler times... Posted by Hello

March 11/2005: In more ways than one. I posted this yesterday and due to my computer crapping out I thought that this never posted but, alas, it did.

I thought I would mention how oddly sexual this image appears to be (the Bert and Ernie of the sixties?). But, looking back, making a long post (that part didn't post) about the Odd Couple and topping it off with a Bill Clinton/cigar joke made me feel old. What doesn't help is that some children in my third year class (grade 9 for those in North America) were quoting lines from the Goonies and I butted in with the finish to a line of dialogue they were saying. A look of shock came over their faces when I told them that I saw that movie in the theatres when I was a kid. The surprise being was that the movie was made before they were born and remember seeing it (at the Caprice theatre in White Rock BC) quite clearly.

They spoke about it with such reverence that I would speak of Touch of Evil or Angels with Dirty faces or something. Odd...

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