Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wifey Wednesdays: Week Won

As promised in response to a naggy comment in one of my posts, one post a week dedicated to the peculiarities of wifedom. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my wife. Megan.

Top Ten Reasons Why I'd Be a Bad Nursery Teacher
by Megan, current Practicum student at --- --- Nursery...

10. I won't let the children play with my puppet
(he's mine and he pretty, and he doesn't like kids touching him!!)
9. I don't wipe the bums of others
8. I like clean clothes
(as in, free from grubby hand prints especially those caused by paint or mud)
7. I forget the actions to nursery rhymes

6. I'd rather cut for them than look at those jagged edges
5. It takes me 3 hours to prep a 3 minute lesson
4. I have a snot phobia
3. If I have to brush another tooth I will shoot myself
2. Snow-days are my worst enemy
(think changing 40 kids back and forth into inside/outside clothes-- that's 40 PER class)
1. I hold grudges against 4-year-olds

1 Bitching, Moaning and Praise

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not alone. My top 10 reasons for never touching nursery again:
10. I don't like sand in my shoes
9. squashing clay into shapes is not art
8. I have other things to talk about outside nursery nurse salaries
7. I don't want to spend my completing puzzles
6. I might be alergic to lamiating pouches
5. puppets are not meant to be eaten
4. I can't work with people who can't say their own name
3. my idea of a sing-along is one where children join in with the adults
2. I don't want to do a theme around every single thing each child utters
1. even though I'm reading to you my knees are not your handkerchief

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