Friday, February 18, 2005

My 100 things I love about comics:

1) Batman
2) Geoff Johns
3) Die-cut holofoil glow in the dark scratch and sniff double gatefold covers
4) Bendis and Maleev on Daredevil
5) Frank Miller on Daredevil
6) Killing a character only to bring them back by the end of the year
7) Stilt-Man
8) Ostrander's Suicide Squad
9) Alan Moore
10) The entire library of Justice League by Giffen et al. best embodied in Justice League Antarctica
11) Teen Titans
12) Ben Grimm's sweet Aunt Petunia
13) Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
14) The Joker
15) Sandman: Endless Night
16) Okay, the entire run of Gaiman's Sandman
17) Captain Britain
18) Alternate histories/timelines/what if?s/elseworlds/days of future....
19) That really bad Justice League TV pilot from the early nineties
20) Wolfman and Perez on the New Teen Titans
21) Wolverine jumping, claws extended, directly at the reader
22) Wolverine continuing to beat up the bad guy while the captions tell us that he is "the best at what he does," that he has "adamantium bones, indestructible claws and a healing factor" every time he makes an appearance
23) The time Magneto actually made himself useful and pulled the adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton
24) The fact that there is a country in the DC Universe called Qurac
25) Excelsior!
26) Alpha Flight
27) Death in the Family
28) A Lonely Place of Dying
29) Hal Jordan
30) Kingdom Come
31) Watchmen
32) Grant Morrison
33) Puck (hehe)
34) Doc Frankenstein by Skroce and the Wachowski Brothers
35) Shaolin Cowboy by Geof Darrow (all the violence of Hard Boiled without the story)
36) Justice League Unlimited
37) That odd hairdo shared by Wolverine, Oberon, Troll and Owl Man (don't they all smoke cigars?)
38) The fact that Cyclops got over the death of Jean Grey by marrying and having a child with her clone. And, no one said a thing! "Gee Scott, don't you think she looks and awful lot like..."
39) Hellboy
40) JSA
41) Warren Ellis and John Cassaday on Planetary
42) Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch on Ultimates
43) The Authority (pre-Robbie Morrison)
44) Preacher
45) Ennis writing Punisher
46) Superman and Clark Kent looking exactly the same and being the only "two" men in Metropolis with blue hair and not even Lois could figure it out!
47) Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
48) Power rings, utility belts, capes, grappling hook guns, smoke pellets, batons that bounce back at the thrower, berserker rages, tights made from unstable molecules, web-spinners and mystical amulets.
49) Mole Man
50) Gabrielle Dell'otto's [sic] painting
51) Dave McKean
52) Really, really fat guys getting steady work
53) Morrison's Animal Man
54) Ellis's Apparat line
55) Killing Joke
56) Alex Ross
57) The Green Lantern Corps
58) Steve Ditko
59) G'Nort
60) Blue Beetle and Booster Gold
61) Batman punching out Guy Gardner
62) Rock N Roll Comics
63) Valiant
64) Pariah from Crisis of Infinite Earths
65) Blue Devil
66) Etrigan, but only when he rhymes
67) Deadman. Coolest. Character. Ever.
68) Neal Adams
69) Savage Dragon
70) Dark Horse Comics
71) Millarworld
72) Alan Grant
73) Flash and his Rogues
74) My Secret Identity
75) The Flash television show starring Dawson's dad
76) Seth Cohen
77) Post-Crisis DC continuity
78) Overtly patriotic (racist) covers from the Second World War including those where Batman, Robin and Superman urge you to buy war bonds
79) The Summer Blockbusters
80) Stand alone character development issues
81) Amanda Waller kicking the shit out of the Blue Beetle and, later, intimidating Batman
82) Cosmic Spider-man
83) The Hellfire Club
84) Dark Phoenix Saga
85) Legends
86) Black Orchid
87) Red Son
88) World's Finest
89) Pretty much all of DC's 3-part prestige format books
90) Excalibur
91) Lex Luthor
92) Longboxes
93) Deathstroke the Terminator (so bad he needed 2 villain names)
94) I am Legion from Humanoids
95) Kid Flash
96) Green Arrow and his attitude
97) JLA dog-piling Deathstroke in Identity Crisis
98) Brian K. Vaughn
99) Gaiman's Midnight Days
100) They taught me to read.....and fight crime.

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