Sunday, February 20, 2005

Big Thanks to Alan Grant!

Just got back from listening to Alan Grant give a talk on comics at the writer's festival "Aye Write" here in sunny Glasgow this afternoon.

Alan talked mostly about 2000AD stuff and Batman. He remarked at how much easier it was to write Batman a few years ago as he was trusted to treat Bats right and thus left alone. He also told us about how he will probably never write Batman again as he had submitted a proposal to DC and while doing an interview was asked about the readership of Batman going from 500,000 to 50,000 since he'd been writing it. The interviewer asked him how he would rectify the situation and Alan remarked : "I'd fire the Senior Editor." Needless to say, there is little chance of that proposal ever seeing the light of day. He told us that the future holds some collected editions of Middenface from the last 20 years or so as well as new stories involving Bogie Man from 2000AD.

After the talk Alan was nice enough to give me advice as an aspiring writer for 10 minutes or so. Among one of the questions I asked was on the likelihood of successful self-publishing. He let me know that Shit the Dog (published by Alan, John Wagner and Simon Bisley) although being published by three substantial names in the industry at the time lost $6000 over 4 issues. (Looks like that path is a no-go Dav). Alan also shared his dislike of Dan Brown's formulaic writing (DaVinci Code et al.) with me and noted he was working on what he deemed a "Scottish DaVinci Code" centering on Rosslyn Chapel and other areas of Scotland.

He was a gentleman and very supportive with his advice. Thank you Mr.

More about Grant and his work here:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Mr and Grant on two lines? Is this some kind of geek thing? By the way, this is Megan, Des' darling wife of whom there is no mention or reference to on this entire site. Hmph. 9 years and no kudos. We'll see if we make it to ten, dearie.
Now come to bed and suck my toes!

9:00 pm  
Blogger Des said...


Ladies and gentlemen, Megan.

There is reference to you in my profile but someone had no patience and didn't get that far did they?

Anyway, I will do a weekly post from now on dedicated to my wife, for good and bad.

And now to those toes....

9:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops.. hehehe.. well, I read your profile today, sorry about slagging you off. Looking forward to Wifey-Wednesdays. Davu, don't you wish you had a naggin partner?! Hahah!

8:11 am  

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